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Now more than ever, corporates understand that fast moving, venture backed startups are disrupting traditional industries with unique business models and technologies.

In order to grow and avoid disruption, corporates recognize that working with startups is imperative. But in order to maximize the results of any startup initiative, a variety of considerations need to be made with regards to internal and external compatibility.

500 Startups has designed a program to help corporates with their innovation funnel

Deal Flow

Accelerators, PR & Partnerships, Competitions & events, Silicon Valley Outposts, Investing in VC funds.


Partnerships, investments, M&A.


People, Product, Customers.

Corporate Startups innovation program.


  • Identify relevant, addressable business challenges to anchor the innovation project

  • Source and shortlist startups that present potential solutions to these challenges


Achieve organizational alignment so that working with the startup is a smooth process and results in maximum organizational learnings for the future process


Validate from business, operational, and technological perspectives the ability of the startup to truly address the business challenge

Case Study: Deloitte Upside Program.

In the spring of 2017, 500 Startups and Deloitte launched the Upside program to connect Europe’s leading financial institutions with FinTech startups.

The program focuses on bringing deep expertise in venture capital, growth hacking, FinTech, and corporate innovation to established businesses.


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