Startups hold the keys to new technology and growth.

As one of the most active VCs in world, we leverage our global network and expertise to help you get the results you need.

The problem with corporate innovation

81% of corporate innovation programs say that less than a quarter of their startup engagements resulted in commercial deals*

These smart companies understand that innovation is important and take the right actions by engaging with startups. But corporates often struggle to navigate the startup landscape, partner efficiently, and run solution-oriented pilots that drive their business forward.
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Why 500 Startups?

500 Startups is uniquely positioned to solve this problem for our corporate partners.

We bring an investor mentality and an unmatched pulse on global trends and technologies. By evaluating more than 10,000 startups a year, we see the emerging trends and help filter the noise for you. Our expertise is knowing what type of companies can scale quickly, obtained by our experience working with more than 3000 founders in the last decade.

Why now?

20% of companies take more than six months to do a deal, which can be six decades in startup years.*

Startups are built to scale. They are disrupting whole industries right now. Partnering with startups quickly and effectively can provide the competitive edge that you need today while building a lasting impact on the future of your business.
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*INSEAD & 500 startups partner to uncover how the world’s biggest companies deal with the startup revolution” – February 3rd 2016